Two Four Six - Title
A film by Leyla Nedorosleva
Two Four Six - Title

Huffington Post — How Pierre Valmera Believes Basketball Can Save Haiti

«Filmmaker Leyla Nedorosleva makes her directorial debut with the cinéma vérité documentary Two Four Six, a genre of film defined by its observational style of capturing human behavior and interaction rather than pushing a story via voiceover narration. [...]

Nedorosleva creates artful montages, rhythmically editing together images of Haiti’s derelict conditions alongside its beautiful, natural terrains with fast splices of American, urban scenery. She also utilizes sound very intentionally, creating trancelike soundscapes with lapping water or the metrical beats of dribbling basketballs. The urban cacophony of Las Vegas and fast moving traffic offers a more startling reaction, pulling the viewer out from the films cadence. While most documentaries simply possess the intention of conveying a message or narrative, Nedorosleva also wants to stimulate your senses along the way.»

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Shadow and Act — LAFF 2017 Preview: Documentary Competition Selection ’Two Four Six’

«A documentary film by Leyla Nedorosleva set to make its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF, June 14-22) in the Documentary Competition, „Two Four Six“ is set mainly in present day Dallas, TX and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and features three main characters at three different stages of the same process. Supported by a nonprofit, these extremely tall teenagers come to the United States from Haiti using basketball as means to get an education and help bring some change to their home country. [...]

Director Leyla Nedorosleva presents the lives of a mentor and his mentees who are hoping to unlock brighter futures for themselves, their families and their home country.»

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Women in Hollywood — LAFF 2017 Women Directors: Meet Leyla Nedorosleva — «Two Four Six»

Leyla Nedorosleva: «It means a great deal to have the film’s world premiere in competition at LAFF. The whole film emerged from the idea of helping kids in Haiti and for it to premiere at LAFF increases the chance for it to be seen by a wider audience in order to raise awareness.

Creative process is a delicate matter. You don’t completely envision your result before you finish the film. You are responsible for the people you involved in making it. They followed you before they could completely understand your idea. There are real people involved in documentary films and you lead them, as opposed to narrative films where everything is staged, pre-planned, and rehearsed.»

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Russia Beyond the Headlines — Russian movie about Haitian teenagers premiers at LA Film Festival

«Russian filmmaker Leyla Nedorosleva makes her directorial debut with the documentary, „Two Four Six,“ a film made in the genre of „cinéma vérité.“ This style is defined by observation of human behavior and interaction rather than pushing a story via voiceover narration.

‘Being selected by a major festival defines the quality of your work — it confirms the existence of the finished product. This is extremely important to the subjects, crew, and myself. The news of making the LAFF official selection actually got us started on a new film, — said Nedorosleva.»

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NON FICTION FILM — LA Film Festival: Haitian hoop dreams revealed in ’Two Four Six’

«To make a true vérité film —with no archive video, no interviews, no graphics, just „captured moments“ — strikes me as a very difficult proposition. Yet Leyla Nedorosleva has managed to do it, in her directorial debut no less.

Nedorosleva’s film Two Four Six debuted at the LA Film Festival last week, documenting the efforts of former pro basketball player Pierre Valmera to bring poor Haitian kids to the United States to earn an education while playing basketball.

It is composed entirely of „experiential video“ (to put it one way) — Valmera hustling to get scholarships for young prospects, Haitian kids trying to adjust to life in America, Valmera conducting basketball camps in his native Haiti to develop talent, and on-court action with players who may one day make it to the NBA.»

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